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MaximumThreadsPerJob Property


Gets or sets a value that indicates the maximum number of threads to use when recognizing a document.

public int MaximumThreadsPerJob { get; set; } 
Property MaximumThreadsPerJob As Integer 
@property (nonatomic, assign) NSInteger maximumThreadsPerJob 
public int getMaximumThreadsPerJob() 
public void setMaximumThreadsPerJob(int value) 
property int MaximumThreadsPerJob { 
   int get(); 
   void set (    int ); 

Property Value

An Int32 value that indicates the maximum number of threads to use when recognizing a document. Must be greater than or equals to 0 and less than or equals to 64. Default value is 0.


A value of 0 means use maximum number of CPUs/cores available to the machine. The engine will read this value from System.Environment.ProcessorCount.

The IOcrAutoRecognizeManager supports converting a single document using multiple threads using the Run, RunJob and RunJobAsync methods. You can enable this feature by setting MaximumThreadsPerJob to 0 (for maximum CPUs/cores) or a value greater than 1.

The LEADTOOLS OCR Module - LEAD Engine uses the system thread pool and does not require a set number of threads. A value of 1 will disable threading and any other value will be treated as "use multi-threading".

Not all OCR engines support multi-threading in this fashion. If multi-threading supported, then IsMultiThreadedSupported will be true and the value of MaximumThreadsPerJob is used.

If the OCR engine does not support multi-threading, then IsMultiThreadedSupported will be false and the value of MaximumThreadsPerJob is not used (ignored).

The following table lists the LEADTOOLS OCR engines and whether they support multi-threading in IOcrAutoRecognizeManager:

OCR Engine

Multi-threaded supported in IOcrAutoRecognizeManager
OcrEngineType.LEAD/> Win32 (x86) version Yes
OcrEngineType.LEAD/> x64 version Yes
OcrEngineType.OmniPage/> Win32 (x86) version Yes
OcrEngineType.OmniPage/> x64 version No
OcrEngineType.Arabic/> Win32 (x86) version No
OcrEngineType.Arabic/> x64 version No

Note: This property is not used and will be ignored when using engine native format (DocumentFormat.User and IOcrDocumentManager.EngineFormat).

Some OCR engine types support creating multi-threaded documents by creating one IOcrEngine and multiple IOcrDocument or IOcrAutoRecognizeJob each in its own dedicated threads. For more information, refer to Multi-Threading with LEADTOOLS OCR.


For an example, refer to RunJob.


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