MPEG-4 Codec SDK Technology

The LEAD MPEG-4 Encoder and LEAD MPEG-4 Decoder are state-of-the-art DirectShow filters and Media Foundation transforms to compress and decompress video data using the MPEG-4 standard (ISO/IEC 14496-2) in .NET (C# & VB) and C/C++ applications. MPEG-4 is a high-quality video compression algorithm that is suited for all types of applications. In addition to ISO (MP4) files, MPEG-4 encoded video data can be stored inside MPEG-2 Program, MPEG-2 Transport, AVI, and OGG containers with optional audio data.

Overview of LEAD MPEG-4 Codec Technology

  • Full support to encode and decode MPEG-4-compressed video data that adheres to ISO/IEC 14496-2 standard
  • Supports linear and nonlinear quantization
  • Highly optimized to take advantage of multiple threads on multi-core machines
  • Supports frame rate adjustment
  • The LEAD MPEG-4 Encoder can deliver three output formats (FOURCC):
    • MP4V (standard)
    • XVID
    • LMP4 - LEAD's proprietary MPEG-4 video format with a super-compression option to achieve higher compression
  • Preset compression option for iPhone, iPod, PSP, smart phones, and other devices
  • Configurable motion estimation
  • .NET (C# & VB) and C DLL libraries for 32 and 64-bit development

Technology Related to MPEG-4 Codec

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LEADTOOLS SDK Products that Include MPEG-4 Codec

LEADTOOLS Multimedia Suite v20

The LEADTOOLS Multimedia Suite SDK is a comprehensive collection of multimedia development technology that provides developers with everything they need to create enterprise-level multimedia applications for a wide variety of industries, including defense, broadcast, security, and more. By bundling features from the Multimedia SDK, DVD Module, Streaming Module, MPEG-2 Transport Module, Imaging Pro SDK, and Distributed Computing SDK, Multimedia Suite offers a tremendous value for the world-class technology it provides.

LEADTOOLS Streaming Module v20

The LEADTOOLS Streaming Module is perfect for developers who need to stream audio and video over the Internet or corporate networks for a wide variety of applications. This module adds on to the LEADTOOLS Multimedia SDK and includes the Media Streaming Server, a high-level framework for implementing professional multimedia streaming servers that can stream any file to any device. The Streaming Module also provides a programmer-friendly set of peer-to-peer tools for creating video conferencing and security/surveillance applications. In addition to the SDK features, the Streaming Module bundles together several of LEAD's world-class audio and video codecs that will lower costs and improve user experience through reduced bandwidth requirements and high-quality playback.

LEADTOOLS MPEG-2 Transport Module v20

The LEADTOOLS MPEG-2 Transport Module adds advanced MPEG-2 Transport and MPEG-2 Program streaming, playback, capture, and conversion capabilities to the LEADTOOLS Multimedia SDK. Developers can utilize robust UDP and TCP streaming with DVR and KLV metadata to create a wide spectrum of applications, including security systems, HDTV playback, and UAV ground stations.

NOTE: LEADTOOLS Video Codecs are very diverse and cover the gamut of multimedia features and technologies. Many codecs are included with the base SDK products above, while some can be added á la carte or bundled together with various add-on modules. See the Multimedia Product Comparison Chart for more details on how to obtain each video codec.