Class Example

The following is an example of the contents of the Computed Radiography Image Class IOD:

Class: Computed Radiography Image (CR Image)

Module: Patient

Element: Patient's Name
Element: Patient ID
Element: Patient's Birth Date
Element: Patient's Sex
Element: Referenced Patient Sequence

Element: Patient's Birth Time
Element: Other Patient ID
Element: Other Patient Names
Element: Ethnic Group
Element: Patient Comments

Module: General Study

Element: Study Instance UID
Element: Study Date
Element: Study Time
Element: Referring Physician's Name
Element: Study ID
Element: Accession Number
Element: Study Description
Element: Physician(s) of Record
Element: Name of Physician(s) Reading Study
Element: Referenced Study Sequence

Module: Patient Study

Element: Admitting Diagnoses Description
Element: Patient's Age
Element: Patient's Size
Element: Patient's Weight
Element: Occupation
Element: Additional Patient's History

Module: General Series

Element: Modality
Element: Series Instance UID
Element: Series Number
Element: Laterality
Element: Series Date
Element: Series Time
Element: Performing Physicians' Name
Element: Protocol Name
Element: Series Description
Element: Operators' Name
Element: Referenced Study Component Sequence

Element: Body Part Examined
Element: Patient Position
Element: Smallest Pixel Value in Series
Element: Largest Pixel Value in Series
Element: Request Attributes Sequence

Element: Performed Procedure Step ID
Element: Performed Procedure Step Start Date
Element: Performed Procedure Step Start Time
Element: Performed Procedure Step Description

Module: CR Series

Element: Body Part Examined
Element: View Position
Element: Filter Type
Element: Collimator/grid name
Element: Focal Spot
Element: Plate Type
Element: Phosphor Type

Module: General Equipment

Element: Manufacturer
Element: Institution Name
Element: Institution Address
Element: Station Name
Element: Institutional Department Name
Element: Manufacturer's Model Name
Element: Device Serial Number
Element: Software Versions
Element: Spatial Resolution
Element: Date of Last Calibration
Element: Time of Last Calibration
Element: Pixel Padding Value

Module: General Image

Element: Image Number
Element: Patient Orientation
Element: Image Date
Element: Image Time
Element: Image Type
Element: Acquisition Number
Element: Acquisition Date
Element: Acquisition Time
Element: Referenced Image Sequence

Element: Derivation Description
Element: Source Image Sequence

Element: Images in Acquisition
Element: Image Comments
Element: Lossy Image Compression

Module: Image Pixel

Element: Samples per Pixel
Element: Photometric Interpretation
Element: Rows
Element: Columns
Element: Bits Allocated
Element: Bits Stored
Element: High Bit
Element: Pixel Representation
Element: Pixel Data
Element: Planar Configuration
Element: Pixel Aspect Ratio
Element: Smallest Image Pixel Value
Element: Largest Image Pixel Value
Element: Red Palette Color Lookup Table Descriptor
Element: Green Palette Color Lookup Table Descriptor
Element: Blue Palette Color Lookup Table Descriptor
Element: Red Palette Color Lookup Table Data
Element: Green Palette Color Lookup Table Data
Element: Blue Palette Color Lookup Table Data

Module: Contrast/bolus

Element: Contrast/Bolus Agent
Element: Contrast/Bolus Agent Sequence

Element: Contrast/Bolus Route
Element: Contrast/Bolus Administration Route Sequence

Element: Contrast/Bolus Volume
Element: Contrast/Bolus Start Time
Element: Contrast/Bolus Stop Time
Element: Contrast/Bolus Total Dose
Element: Contrast Flow Rate(s)
Element: Contrast Flow Duration(s)
Element: Contrast/Bolus Ingredient
Element: Contrast/Bolus Ingredient Concentration

Module: CR Image

Element: KVP
Element: Plate ID
Element: Distance Source to Detector
Element: Distance Source to Patient
Element: Exposure Time
Element: X-ray Tube Current
Element: Exposure
Element: Exposure in mAs
Element: Imager Pixel Spacing
Element: Generator Power
Element: Acquisition Device Processing Description
Element: Acquisition Device Processing Code
Element: Cassette Orientation
Element: Cassette Size
Element: Exposures on Plate
Element: Relative X-ray Exposure
Element: Sensitivity

Module: Overlay Plane

Element: Overlay Rows
Element: Overlay Columns
Element: Overlay Type
Element: Overlay Origin
Element: Overlay Bits Allocated
Element: Overlay Bit Position
Element: Overlay Data
Element: Overlay Description
Element: Overlay Subtype
Element: Overlay Label
Element: ROI Area
Element: ROI Mean
Element: ROI Standard Deviation

Module: Curve

Element: Curve Dimensions
Element: Number of Points
Element: Type of Data
Element: Data Value Representation
Element: Curve Data
Element: Curve Description
Element: Axis Units
Element: Axis Labels
Element: Minimum Coordinate Value
Element: Maximum Coordinate Value
Element: Curve Range
Element: Curve Data Descriptor
Element: Coordinate Start Value
Element: Coordinate Step Value
Element: Curve Label
Element: Referenced Overlay Sequence

Module: Modality LUT

Element: Modality LUT Sequence

Element: Rescale Intercept
Element: Rescale Slope
Element: Rescale Type

Module: VOI LUT

Element: VOI LUT Sequence

Element: Window Center
Element: Window Width
Element: Window Center & Width Explanation

Module: SOP Common

Element: SOP Class UID
Element: SOP Instance UID
Element: Specific Character Set
Element: Instance Creation Date
Element: Instance Creation Time
Element: Instance Creator UID

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