SmarThru is the accompanying software for Samsung multifunction printers (MFP). With SmarThru, you can enjoy all MFP capabilities, such as printing, scanning, copying, and fax send and receive. Additionally, it can send and receive e-mail (SMTP, POP3, IMAP4) and faxes and (optionally) work with Samsung SmartMedia flash memory card devices that are incorporated in some models of MFP. Imaging capabilities are tightly integrated with other program's parts. So one can easily scan an image, edit that image, save resulting image for further use, send to various e-mail and fax recipients, or copy it to SmartMedia card.

Main features include:


'SmarThru' used LEADTOOLS Pro to incorporate general imaging capabilities.

"The use of LEADTOOLS allowed us to spend very little time writing the code for conversion between different image formats, applying filters, color conversion, etc. With LEADTOOLS we also could avoid the routine coding of scanner support. LEADTOOLS gave us the possibility to develop the outstanding imaging application with minimum time. We are satisfied by the quality of LEADTOOLS, and by the convenience of its usage. That's why we are going to use the new version of LEADTOOLS library for developing our next version of SmarThru."

- Dmitry Smirnov, Samsung Research Center

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