A desktop publishing product offering automated wizards for just about every job. If you require professional level features and total control, PagePlus offers those as well.

A vector drawing product that has the power to "do it all." For beginners, the automated wizards make small work of complex tasks. If you're familiar with vector graphics, then take total control with extensive, versatile drawing features.

A painting and photo editing product allowing you to work with digital and paint images, whether for the Web, general multimedia, or documentation.

A 3D scene generator that provides the ability to add a new dimension to your Web graphics projects, presentations, or desktop publishing.

PagePlus Main Features:

  • High-end typography
  • Super fast auto-fit
  • QuickShapes
  • Text frames & wrap
  • Graduated fills
  • Transparency effects
  • Enhanced line drawing
  • Advanced printing
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DrawPlus Main Features:

  • Auto dimensioning
  • Artistic chain lines
  • Stunning mesh effects
  • Image slicing
  • Image maps
  • Soft edge shadows
  • Auto connectors
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PhotoPlus Main Features:

  • Export optimizer
  • Web animation tools
  • Editable text
  • Image enhancement
  • Special effects options
  • Versatile deform tool
  • Professional output
  • MDI interface
  • Selection options
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3D-Plus Main Features:

  • Animation capabilities
  • New 3D Quick shapes
  • Improved ease of use
  • Enhanced 3D Resources
  • Improved 3D tools
  • Output preview
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"Serif has used LEADTOOLS Imaging Toolkits to provide bitmap file import and export to all of our consumer graphics applications. Additionally the toolkit supplies us with support for 256-color displays through its dithered bitmap display functions. The LEADTOOLS DLLs have proven to be an extremely reliable component of our products, which have over 1 million users worldwide. The quality of the documentation and technical support is likewise excellent."

- Paul Hempstock, Serif Ltd.


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