Quote Software, Inc. has been in the business of creating custom software focused on construction estimating and Building Information Modeling (BIM) estimating since 1991. Their first commercial product, QuoteExpress, was developed for streamlining the estimating process for HVAC and was released in 1994. Since then, their products have taken off and branched out into other construction industries including Sheet Metal, Plumbing, Refrigeration, Waste Water, High Purity and other mechanical trades.

QuoteSoft's primary features include:

  • Show labor and material during takeoff
  • Spool pipe lengths automatically
  • Show the assembly audit trail and picture during takeoff
  • Mark up PDF with the pictures of fittings and specialties during takeoff
  • Automatically add pipe between fittings during takeoff
  • Total an area's labor and material on the fly in on-screen

QuoteSoft Piping Screenshot

Two Experts, One Solution

One of Quote Software's primary commitments to its customers is creating custom-tailored solutions. This is driven from their deep knowledge of the construction estimation process and that a "one size fits all" quoting application is impractical since every shop does business a little differently. Out of this conviction grew the need for development assistance.

Quote Software required a way to reliably load, save, view and annotate blueprints stored within large PDF and TIFF files. They were talented developers with vast expertise in the construction industry but weren't sure where to begin when it came to complex file formats and image compression. With that, a wonderful partnership was born in 2007 after purchasing LEADTOOLS 14.5. Since then, they were hooked on the value it provided their development team and have routinely updated LEADTOOLS during their own release cycles.

"Using LEADTOOLS allows our programmers to focus on the unique parts of our vertical application, and not try to reinvent the image processing toolset. Using LEADTOOLS has shaved off months of programming from each of our projects."

- Kerry Brainard, President - CEO, Quote Software, Inc.

With LEADTOOLS Document Imaging V19, QuoteSoft developers were able to implement robust annotation features for their customers drawing on large building designs saved as PDF and TIFF. The LEADTOOLS Annotations serve their end-users in many ways, but primarily provide a means of quickly and easily assigning labor and material values for construction.

Customer Support at its Finest

As a software development firm producing customer-driven solutions, Quote Software has very high standards and expectations for customer satisfaction. On a few occasions, Quote Software required assistance from LEAD's technical support and were very pleased with their experience.

"LEADTOOLS has the best support we have experienced in over 20 years in the software industry."

- Kerry Brainard, President - CEO, Quote Software, Inc.

LEAD was able to solve every request brought to their attention. This allowed Quote Software's developers to keep their focus on what mattered most — their customers — rather being distracted by difficult and poorly-supported toolkits.


Overall, QuoteSoft has been an immensely successful product line for the construction industry. As both Quote Software and LEAD Technologies continue to grow, each looks forward to how they can continue teaming up to develop custom-tailored solutions that save their respective customers large quantities of time and resources.

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