'IntelliVIEW Premium'
A method for viewing, navigating through, and categorizing (tagging) large volumes of both TIFF and IPRO Tech image formats in either a stand-alone or networked environment. For a large law firm or corporate legal department, IntelliVIEW Premium can be installed across a network with many active users retrieving and tagging images simultaneously.

'IntelliSCAN Premium'
A powerful imaging software that scans documents onto optical laser disks or CD-ROMs for long-term storage and easy retrieval. The software is expertly optimized with compatible hardware and is capable of handling documents at a much higher speed and quality than most image systems in today's marketplace.

IntelliVIEW Premium main features include:

  • Project navigation with boundary level hierarchical structure view
  • Image manipulation features, image-sizing, and rotation
  • Support for TIFF, Multi-page TIFF, color images, and IPRO Tech Images
  • Sticky and embedded note searching
  • Advanced Tagging and Issue Creation

Intelliscan premium


IntelliSCAN Premium main features include:

  • Optional character separators between image key fields
  • Four image file formats: Standard Group IV Tiff, Stacked TIFF, Multi-Page TIFF and IPRO Tech .IMG file
  • Project template for quick project creation
  • Deskew and black border removal options
  • Sense Mark capabilities that allow the capture of multiple issue codes, level codes and document boundaries with just one prep sheet

intelliscan premium


'IntelliVIEW' incorporated LEADTOOLS to provide grayscale capabilities. 'IntelliSCAN' utilized an earlier LEADTOOLS for its quality image viewing.

"Our development platform utilizes Visual Basic for main application design and user interface. We use C level DLL's and OCX's to provide low-level power and functionality. We have found that the LEADTOOLS imaging toolkit bridges both environments seamlessly. Previous versions of our software were developed using another imaging toolkit which allowed only bitonal (black/white) image support. We began our search for a new imaging toolkit in order to support color images. LEADTOOLS allowed us to convert both our Scanning and Retrieval products over to the new imaging toolkit in less than 30 days. The OCX is easy to use in Visual Basic and many of the advanced printing features (annotation, adding footers and other markups) that previously required low-level C programming we are now able to accomplish right in Visual Basic."

- Rich Ruyle, IPRO Tech
Ipro Tech