A versatile graphics tool that can read and write animated GIFs and over 40 other image file formats. IceView has dozens of image manipulation commands, including advanced filters. You can preview changes before you make them. IceView can also display a slideshow accompanied by midi music, a wave file or an audio CD, do screen captures, build image thumbnail indexes, set the desktop wallpaper, and change your startup & shut down screens. Other features include extensive image information, a thumbnail viewer, a slideshow editor, file-management tools, a search tool, support for up to 20 undo levels, batch conversion, TWAIN support, and much more.


Main features include:

  • Support for more than 40 image file formats
  • File management tools
  • Slide shows
  • Screen capture
  • Shell integration
  • Set the desktop wallpaper
  • Free upgrades
  • File search
  • Logo changer
  • Scroll and zoom
  • Image indexes
  • Thumbnail viewer

'IceView' used LEADTOOLS ActiveX (OCX) Version to create an image viewer implementing a variety of LEADTOOLS features.

"I tried to incorporate as many of LEADTOOLS' functionalities as humanly possible. I believe I take advantage of most of LEADTOOLS' features. If I wanted IceView to do something that LEADTOOLS didn't have a built-in function for, I still was able to use a combination of LEADTOOLS and the WIN32API to get what I wanted, even though it may have required some additional coding. I addressed the task of making a cool image viewer with a lot of features, and I couldn't have done it without LEADTOOLS. The benefits of LEADTOOLS are its ease of use and its wide range of functionality. If you quickly were to build your own customized Paint Shop Pro, getting a copy of LEADTOOLS would be the place to start. Can't really say how much time I saved... Years..."

- Lars Aronsson, Mithril Software