Tracking the motions of cells, biological researchers have long sought to understand the mechanisms that control white blood cell interaction with the inner linings of blood vessels. By monitoring images of white blood cells and resulting cell motions, the effects of experimental drug treatments leading to an understanding of underlying biology processes can be measured. Previously, these effects had to be subjectively observed by eye. Now Ed Marcus Laboratories has incorporated imaging technologies to automatically track white blood cell motions with a computer. A picture of the motion tracking applied to moving white blood cells is shown below.

Main features include:

  • Near real-time analysis of particle motions
  • Adjustment and Editing of image tracking
  • Statistical summary of calculations
  • Printing and Saving of images

Automatic Digital Video Motion Analyzer

'Automatic Digital Video Motion Analyzer' implemented LEADTOOLS ActiveX 32 in the development of this application. The LEAD control performs image display, printing, saving and conversion functionality.

"The LEADTOOLS component approach allows me to develop and utilize many imaging features that are well supported. The programming savings realized with this control are likely in the range of 6 months to 1 year of programming."

- Ed Marcus, Ed Marcus Labs