This application provides pictures and information on the frequency of speeding and red light violations to a traffic control government institution in the city of Rio de Janeiro (CET-RIO). Across the city of Rio de Janeiro, many traffic control devices exist: Speed (Fixed) Control Devices, Speed (Mobile) Control Devices, and Red Light Control Devices. The equipment is set to take pictures of automobiles that cross its lace with a pre-determined speed (Speed Device), and automobiles that cross the lace when the light is red (Red Light Device).

Main features include:

DBI Traffic Violation Control

'DBI Traffic Violation Control' was created with LEADTOOLS Imaging and incorporated these functions:

"LEADTOOLS was the only tool I found that provided an ActiveX Control to manage the images. It permits the developer to show, zoom, enhance and save the image or portion of the image in different formats with a very easy-to-use set of properties and methods. The imaging controls were very simple to use, and the only problem I had was solved reading the help files and reviewing the examples in the toolkit. If I hadn't used LEADTOOLS, this application would have been impossible to develop."

- Marcelo R.B. da Silva, Data Boundary Informatica

DBI Traffic Violation Control