#include "ltwrappr.h"

virtual L_INT LBitmap::TextBlurDetector(pNonBlurredBlocks, NonBlurredBlocksCount, pBlurredBlocks, BlurredBlocksCount, CombinedTextBlocks)

L_RECT** pNonBlurredBlocks;

pointer to L_RECT

L_INT NonBlurredBlocksCount;

pointer to L_INT

L_RECT** pBlurredBlocks;

pointer to L_RECT

L_INT BlurredBlocksCount;

pointer to L_INT

L_RECT* CombinedTextBlocks;

pointer to L_RECT

Takes an image and divide it into many blocks then examine each block to check if it's background or not and if it's in focus or out of focus.

Parameter Description
pNonBlurredBlocks the array of in focus blocks after applying text blur detector.
NonBlurredBlocksCount the number of out of focus blocks after applying text blur detector.
pBlurredBlocks the array of out of focus blocks after applying text blur detector.
BlurredBlocksCount the number of out of focus blocks after applying text blur detector.
CombinedTextBlocks the boundary of text area in the image, that's isn't a background.


SUCCESS The function was successful.
< 1 An error occurred. Refer to Return Codes.


This command supports 8,12, 16-bit grayscale images and 24, 32-bit colored images.

Required DLLs and Libraries

For a listing of the exact DLLs and Libraries needed, based on the toolkit version, refer to Files To Be Included With Your Application.


Win32, x64.

See Also

Functions: LBitmap::Fragment,LBitmap::AverageFilter, LBitmap::MaxFilter, LBitmap::MinFilter
Topics: Raster Image Functions: Filtering Images
Removing Noise
Raster Image Functions: Removing Noise


This example loads a bitmap and applies text blur detector.

L_INT LBitmap__TextBlurDetectorExample(L_VOID) 
    L_INT nRet ; 
    LBitmap LeadBitmap ; 
    nRet = LeadBitmap.Load(MAKE_IMAGE_PATH(TEXT("Barcode.jpg")), 0,ORDER_BGR); 
    if(nRet !=SUCCESS) 
        return nRet; 
    /* Apply text blur detector */ 
    L_RECT* pInFocusBlocks      = NULL; 
    L_INT InFocusBlocksCount    = 0; 
    L_RECT* pOutOfFocusBlocks   = NULL; 
    L_INT OutOfFocusBlocksCount = 0; 
    L_RECT CombinedTextBlocks   = {0}; 
    nRet = LeadBitmap.TextBlurDetector(&pInFocusBlocks, &InFocusBlocksCount, &pOutOfFocusBlocks, &OutOfFocusBlocksCount, &CombinedTextBlocks); 
    LeadBitmap.TextBlurFree(pInFocusBlocks, pOutOfFocusBlocks); 
    return nRet; 

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