The LEADTOOLS Vector Imaging Pro toolkit provides the ability to load, modify and save vector images, and includes everything you need to create powerful 2-D and 3-D viewers, editors, and converters that support both vector and raster image formats. By creating these types of applications, you eliminate the need to install or license the more expensive original application that created the vector files, and you only have to include the functionality for your specific needs.

LEAD also offers the LEADTOOLS Vector View Plug in, which can be added to any LEADTOOLS Imaging Product. The LEADTOOLS Vector View Plug in provides only the LEADTOOLS Vector Viewing Features. These features provide the ability to load vector images and perform limited vector image manipulation.

All LEADTOOLS Vector features are included in LEADTOOLS Vector, Document, and Medical Imaging toolkits. To use these features, they must first be unlocked. For information on unlocking support for the Vector features, follow the link at the bottom of this page.

Executable demos are included in all LEADTOOLS products. The executable demos provide a quick and easy way to evaluate the Vector features and performance.

Note: functions available only in the LEADTOOLS Vector Imaging Pro toolkits are so designated in this help file.

Key Features

Supported Environments

The toolkit comes in Win32 and x64 editions that can support development of software applications for any of the following environments:

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