The LEADTOOLS Windows Imaging Architecture (WIA) C++ Class Library provides a powerful set of functions spanning the full spectrum of digital imaging, including in-depth support for image acquisition from a wide variety of hardware devices.

This C++ Class Library is available in LEADTOOLS version 16 or higher.

Key Features:

The LEADTOOLS WIA C++ Class Library enables you to:

Supported Environments

LEADTOOLS WIA supports both 32-bit and 64-bit image acquisition for both WIA 1.0 (XP and earlier) and WIA 2.0 (VISTA and later).


WIA 2.0 does not support cameras or streaming video.

If you are using the high-level LWia::AcquireSimple, you do not need to call LWia::InitSession, LWia::SelectDevice, or LWia::EndSession because LWia::AcquireSimple handles session initialization, device selection, and session end automatically.

For more information, refer to:

Programming with LEADTOOLS WIA Functions

Example Programs and Demos

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