The LEADTOOLS Mixed Raster Content (MRC) C++ Class Library provides functionality to let you incorporate image compression, file format support, and image processing into your Windows applications.

LEADTOOLS MRC compression offers programmers the advantage of programming optimal compression for documents that have both text and color images in the same file. Standard compression schemes are geared toward an image comprising either text or color, but not both. The MRC model offers the advantage of using optimal compression for images that have both text and color in the same image. This results in both high compression factors and high detail retention.

Mixed Raster Content mode (T.44) enables different coding methods and resolutions to be used within a single page by defining a 3-layer image model for structuring and combining the scanned image data. The image is segmented and each segment assigned a type based on the number of colors used in that segment. Segments can be combined and compressed using different compression schemes to create a file that balances quality with compression. MRC breaks an image, through efficient algorithms, into three different layers: foreground, background, and mask. Each layer is compressed separately using the best type of compression for that data type and is later uncompressed and recombined to restore the original image.

For Example: A foreground layer may contain color data for the text and line art, and may also contain photographic or continuous tone color data. The background layer generally contains low-resolution color image data, such as a background image, a wash or other pattern that would have text overlaid on it. The mask layer or the selector layer controls the process of image regeneration and contains binary image data with high spatial resolution, such as text and line art. This layer is used for drawing the corresponding foreground and background layers.

Raster Content format was defined for use for color and grayscale fax as part of standard RFC-2301 (File Format for Internet Fax). LEADTOOLS C++ Class Library support for Mixed Raster Content format, defined for use for color and grayscale fax as part of the T44 standard, is provided by the LSegment class. The class enables the user to load from, save to, and produce produce MRC images.

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The toolkit comes in Win32 and x64 editions. The environments supported depend upon the specific product, platform and function. For more information, refer to Supported Platforms / Operating Systems.

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