LEADTOOLS for WPF is included in several LEADTOOLS SDK products. For help determining which LEADTOOLS product best fits your needs, contact us today!

The source code for these demo applications is included with the LEADTOOLS Evaluation for Windows Download.

Main Demo

Demonstrates general and commonly used functionality in LEADTOOLS WPF SDK. It loads, displays, performs some image processing, and saves images. This demo also demonstrates the LEADTOOLS WPF viewer control's functionality for zoom, scroll, pan, magnifying glass, pan window, and other UI tools.


Demonstrates the functionality of the LEADTOOLS WPF ImageList control.  This demo browses a directory for images and displays generated thumbnail images in several pre-defined styles or in your own user-defined style.


Demonstrates many of the transition effects found in our .NET and WPF interfaces. These easy-to-implement effects are used to add visual interest to applications. It offers a wide variety of transitions including wipes, pushes, zooms, and blinds.

Shader Effects

Demonstrates all of the LEADTOOLS WPF pixel shaders including contrast, brightness, invert, sharpen, emboss, magnify glass, and various shutters.