Charlotte, NC (September 11, 2019) -

To ensure LEAD Technologies' position as the developer of the world's most powerful document and medical imaging SDK, LEAD's engineers are working hard to expand its usage of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and computer vision (CV). As evidence of that pursuit, LEAD has been granted another patent, which uses AI to recognize images as specific forms.

LEAD's most recent patent, "Apparatus, Method, and Computer-readable Medium for Recognition of a Digital Document", uses advanced computer vision techniques to identify elements in images. Then, AI uses the elements to accurately determine the type of form. With this patented algorithm, filled-out form images can be distorted and vary in size and resolution without affecting performance. Once recognized, cutting-edge AI techniques are employed to provide the precise location of each field of data. Having the precise location greatly improves accuracy of OCR when processing the forms to extract data.

"This most recent patent validates the hard work that we continue to put into the artificial intelligent and computer vision algorithms in our SDK", says Moe Daher, CEO and co-inventor of the patent. "Programmers that use LEADTOOLS have a powerhouse of advanced technology available to them to automate many tasks that used to be manual and error prone".

LEAD is not stopping there and continues to expand its expertise and push the innovation of document and medical imaging.

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