Charlotte, NC (April 16, 2019) -

LEAD Technologies has released an update to LEADTOOLS Cloud Services that adds four new Web APIs, as well as stability, speed, and accuracy improvements. The new APIs are Document and Image Merging, AAMVA ID Recognition, Redaction, and Business Card Recognition. The new Redaction and Merge APIs work with both document and image formats. These Web APIs can be used in any programming environment that can make a web request, such as PHP, Python, and Perl, C#, and JavaScript, and are sure to enhance many desktop, mobile, and web applications.

Document and Image Merging

LEAD has added a Web API to merge any arrangement of images and documents into a single file. Users can specify to merge a range of pages, an array of pages, or all pages. If the target format is a document-type, the API will retain the text and use OCR to only merge an image.

AAMVA ID Recognition

A new Web API that detects and decodes American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA) PDF417 barcodes has been added. These error-resistant barcodes are commonly found on Driver’s Licenses and other forms of identification and contain all the information on the ID card, including name, birth date, address, and issuer.


Additionally, a new Web API that redacts information in images and documents is available. Users can provide RegEx patterns to describe which information should be redacted. This makes it easy to redact social security numbers, phone numbers, and email addresses in both document and image formats.

Business Card Recognition

Finally, the LEADTOOLS Cloud Services now include an advanced Web API that finds and extracts contact information from business cards. Internally, the Web API uses LEADTOOLS’ superior image processing and OCR to intelligently capture important fields such as name, email, phone, and company. The API is able to capture information from business cards with artistic designs that include mixed backgrounds and font colors with no additional information from the user.

To read more on these updates, visit the LEADTOOLS Cloud Services Change Log. Receive 50 pages free when you start your trial now.

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