Charlotte, NC (June 19, 2018) - LEAD Technologies released an update to its LEADTOOLS Document and Medical imaging toolkits. A major focus of the release is the HTML5/JavaScript Document Viewer, which now runs within even the most restricted and secure enterprise environments. A new diskless mode, logging features, and whitelisting configuration options all contribute to a stable and secure document viewer that can be hosted on any Windows or Linux server, including third-party cloud hosting services such as Microsoft Azure.

"As a cross-platform toolkit company, we highly value the compatibility of our products," said Rich Little, President of LEAD Technologies. "When customers reach out to us for help integrating our tools into their existing application, we are happy to do what it takes to make that happen. Recently, a simple inquiry regarding fitting our HTML5 Document Viewer into an IBM FileNet ecosystem blossomed into a robust set of updates that will translate over into any environment."

Elsewhere in the Document Imaging toolkit, support for IBM FileNet P8 annotations was added, making it possible to load, save, and convert between LEADTOOLS, FileNet, and PDF annotation formats. The Virtual Printer is faster and includes improved print job management. Barcode and Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) is significantly faster and more accurate. Custom margin support was added for XLSX and RTF, along with new options for controlling the rasterization of large spreadsheets.

DICOM Communication within the Medical Imaging product line kept up with evolving standards. LEADTOOLS now supports the latest TLS 1.2 cipher suites and BCP 195 TLS Secure Transport Connection Profile recommended by the DICOM Standard 2018b part 15. New events and callbacks were also added to make it easier to customize the high-level SCU and SCP toolkit's behavior via its existing add-in structure.

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