Charlotte, NC (May 19, 2015) – LEAD Technologies is pleased to announce the release of a major update to LEADTOOLS Version 19. Special focus was given to the LEADTOOLS Document and Medical Imaging engines, and developers using technologies such as OCR, Barcode, Forms, Annotations, DICOM and PACS will benefit from this update.

Across the board, the recognition technologies within the LEADTOOLS Document Imaging product line were made faster and more accurate. In particular, the Document Viewer and Document Converter are more efficient at raster and SVG image rendering, generating thumbnails and extracting text. The Advantage OCR engine boasts a 60% more memory efficient auto zoning algorithm in addition to significantly improved accuracy in the detection of text orientation, font characteristics and paragraphs. Support for several highly requested and popular file formats was also added to the toolkit including XMP. Furthermore, the annotations used on various platforms include faster rendering, additional fill options, improved drag-and-drop support, and user interface enhancements.

"LEADTOOLS Version 19 has been very well received these past few months, and our developers continue to find ways to make it even better," said Moe Daher, Chairman and CEO of LEAD Technologies. "Many of the features introduced in Version 19 have taken off beyond our expectations and are currently deployed across a diverse range of industries and markets. With valuable feedback from our customers developing the next generation of imaging apps, we can reward them with a faster, more accurate SDK that includes a wider variety of real-world tools to incorporate into their applications."

The versatile, cross-platform Medical Viewer control contained in the LEADTOOLS Medical product line now includes greater customization of the cells, subcells, rulers, and window level range, along with new annotations such as Norberg and PolyRuler. Taking a huge leap towards cross-platform, zero-footprint medical 3D imaging, the HTML5 Medical Viewer now supports Multiplanar Reconstruction (MPR) with cross hair capabilities. In addition, this update boasts a plethora of new PACS and EHR technologies including enhanced search, export and anonymization options for the DICOM Storage Server, broader backwards compatibility with older HL7 message versions, and a new web interface for CCOW.

The new features and enhancements in this upgrade add significant value to the already successful LEADTOOLS Version 19, and are freely available to registered Version 19 users and LEADTOOLS annual maintenance customers. With even more updates in the works, LEADTOOLS 19 is poised to continue leading the market with an extraordinary, comprehensive offering of world-class imaging technology.

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