Charlotte, NC (September 3, 2013) – LEAD Technologies is pleased to announce the release of LEADTOOLS ePrint Version 6. This new version continues to lead the way for desktop file conversion applications with 165+ formats, a Workstation application, Advanced PDF Features and more. Best of all, ePrint 6 has been upgraded to use the latest award-winning imaging technology from LEADTOOLS Version 18 including LEAD's internally developed Advantage OCR Engine.

LEADTOOLS ePrint 6 takes OCR technology used around the globe within large corporations and financial institutions and packages it in a comprehensive and user-friendly print-to-file desktop application. The OCR Engine is capable of recognizing text from images in over thirty languages, including English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and more.

"Optical Character Recognition has been one of the most heavily requested features for ePrint, and we are thrilled to meet that demand with an incredible combination of quality and value." said Moe Daher, Chairman and CEO of LEAD Technologies. "By bundling LEADTOOLS Advantage OCR engine with our award-winning file converter, our customers are able to use one of the world's fastest, most accurate and reliable OCR engines in their workflows to create searchable PDFs and other documents from images."

OCR may have been the focal point during the development of ePrint's latest version, but this version is still capable of so much more than just OCR. With everything else that ePrint offers — Workstation, Annotations, SharePoint, Email, Screen Capture and more — ePrint is truly an all-in-one file conversion package. It should be no surprise that Version 6 will continue LEADTOOLS ePrint's legacy as a world-renowned file conversion software product perfectly suited for use at home and around the office.

About LEADTOOLS ePrint

LEADTOOLS ePrint is the total solution for businesses needing fast, reliable PDF, DOC, JPG, TIFF, HTML (and 165+ more formats) creation and conversion, giving users flexible options to save, print, email, or combine their files. ePrint leads the way in file conversion utilities, offering a full-featured solution for the professional user, while maintaining its ease of use for those only needing PDF or simple file conversion. Perfect for today's fast-paced office environment, ePrint can convert your documents, save the file to your computer or SharePoint, print to multiple printers around the office and email the file all at the same time! For more information, visit

About LEAD Technologies

With a rich history of more than 33 years, LEAD has established itself as the world's leading provider of software development toolkits. LEAD's flagship product, LEADTOOLS, provides programmers with a powerful set of libraries for Recognition, Document, Vector, Medical, Imaging, and Multimedia development. LEAD boasts a diverse customer base as well as a strong list of corporate partners including some of the largest and most influential organizations from around the globe. For more information, visit