typedef struct _VECTORPEN 
   L_INT nSize; 
      LOGPEN LogPen; 
      EXTLOGPEN ExtLogPen; 
   } NewPen; 
   DWORD elpStyleEntry[7]; 
   L_BOOL bExtPen; 

The VECTORPEN structure holds information about a pen used to draw a vector object.


L_INT nSize

Size of this structure. Used for versioning.


Union of LOGPEN and EXTLOGPEN structures. The type of structure in this member depends on the values of the bExtPen member. For more information about the LOGPEN and EXTLOGPEN structures, please refer to the Microsoft documentation.

DWORD elpStyleEntry

Valid only if bExtPen is TRUE. ExtLogPen allows the user to draw customized hatched lines. Using the elpStyleEntry element defined in ExtLogPen, the user can fill up to 8 dash elements. Please refer to Microsoft documentation regarding the EXTLOGPEN for more information about this.

L_BOOL bExtPen

Boolean flag that indicates the type of pen to use and the type of structure in the NewPen member. Possible values are:

TRUE: the vector pen describes an EXTLOGPEN structure.

FALSE: the vector pen describes a LOGPEN structure.

Value Meaning
TRUE The vector pen is an ExtLogPen and the NewPen member contains an EXTLOGPEN structure.
FALSE The vector pen is an LogPen and the NewPen member contains a LOGPEN structure.
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