The LVectorWindow class is derived from LVectorBase, and extends it by adding full user interface (UI) functionality. You can consider this class as a full windowed control that is capable of displaying vector images. The LVectorWindow class provides the following functionality:

LEAD common dialogs and other LEADTOOLS C++ Class Library classes are also supported through class-maps.

Using command notification messages, the LVectorWindow object can be used in a manner similar to standard Windows controls for dialogs. By overriding the virtual functions provided by LVectorWindow, you can use LVectorWindow objects as a regular window, which handles most messages for you. For more information on the two ways in which LVectorWindow objects can be used, refer to Using LVectorWindow as a Window, Using LVectorWindow as a Control, and LVectorWindow:Window vs Control.

The LVectorWindow control handles processing the mouse messages automatically when the internal tool type is not TOOL_VECTOR_USERMODE.

Certain keys are handled by the LVectorWindow object when the vector window control has the focus. For a list of these keys and the associated action, refer to LVectorWindow Keys.

Required DLLs and Libraries

You must load all required libraries using LBase::LoadLibraries before using the classes.

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