L_INT nClipMode; 
   L_SIZE_T dwReserved; 

The VECTOR_DISPLAY_OPTIONS structure has the display settings for the vector toolkit. Some or all of the members can be set to apply some effects or filters to the output.



Text rendering options.


Anti-aliasing setting. VECTOR_ANTIALIASING structure that contains the anti-aliasing information.

L_INT nClipMode

Flag that describes how the toolkit applies the clipping when two or more clipping polydraw objects exist. Possible values are:

Value Meaning
VECTOR_CLIPMODE_COPY Overwrite the old clipping region with this one.
VECTOR_CLIPMODE_AND Generates a new clipping region from the intersection of the old and current regions.
VECTOR_CLIPMODE_DIFF Generates a new clipping region in the area between the old and current regions.
VECTOR_CLIPMODE_OR Generates a new clipping region from the area represented by both the old and current regions.
VECTOR_CLIPMODE_XOR Generates a clipping region from XORing the two clipping regions (the old one and the current) *.

* The "old region" refers to the region specified by a clipping polydraw that was added previously to the vector space and the "current region" is a new region that is about to be drawn.

L_SIZE_T dwReserved

Reserved for future expansion. Use 0.


pVECTOR_DISPLAY_OPTIONS is a pointer to a VECTOR_DISPLAY_OPTIONS structure. Where the function parameter type is pVECTOR_DISPLAY_OPTIONS, you can declare a VECTOR_DISPLAY_OPTIONS variable, update the structure's fields, and pass the variable's address in the parameter. Declaring a pVECTOR_DISPLAY_OPTIONS variable is necessary only if your program requires a pointer.

The VECTOR_DISPLAY_OPTIONS structure is used with the LVectorBase::GetDisplayOptions and LVectorBase::SetDisplayOptions functions.

A clipping polydraw sets a clipping region that is applied to any vector object added after the clipping polydraw is added. For example, if the user adds object #1, then adds a clipping polydraw, and then adds objects #2 and #3, the toolkit will draw object #1 without modification. It will then render the clipping polydraw, which will set a clipping region. the toolkit will then draw objects #2 and #3, which will be clipped according to the clipping polydraw and the clip mode specified in nClipMode.

If nClipMode is set to 0, no clipping will be performed.

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