The LVectorBase class is the main vector class. This class contains the main functionality for dealing with vectors in memory. It includes functions for basic vector transforms such as scaling, translating, and rotating. This class also includes functions for loading vectors from files and saving vectors to files. This class also contains functions for the following:

This class is the base class for any vector classes that you wish to derive.

When calling some functions of the LVectorBase LEADTOOLS C++ Class Library classes, the vector data is changed. To be notified of these changes, you can override the LVectorBase::StartChanging and LVectorBase::EndChanging functions. For more information, refer to Bitmap and Vector Change Notifications and Notification Categories.

If you derive a class from LVectorBase, the macros defined in Wrapper Macros may be helpful.

Required DLLs and Libraries

You must load all required libraries using LBase::LoadLibraries before using the classes.

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