Summary of Supported Vector File Formats

Color and Grayscale

ArcInfo Interchange File Format (E00)

Compressed Windows Metafile Format (WMZ)

Computer Graphics Metafile (CGM)

Corel Presentation Exhange (CMX)


DRaWing (DRW)

Drawing Interchange Format (DXF)

DWF Format (DWF)

DWFX Format (DWFX)

DWG Format (DWG)

ESRI Shape (SHP) Format

Gerber Format (GBR)

Macintosh Pict Format (PCT)

MapInfo Interchange File Format (MIF)

North American Presentation Layer Protocol Syntax (NAPLPS) (NAP)


Printer Command Language Format (PCL)

Scalable Vector Graphics Format (SVG)

LEADTOOLS Vector Dump Format (VEC)

Windows Metafile Formats (WMF and EMF)

WordPerfect Format (WPG)

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