typedef  enum  _VECTOR_TEXTRENDER 

The VECTOR_TEXTRENDER enumeration allows the user to control how the vector toolkit renders text objects.



Render the text as text object.


Render the text as curves and lines.


pVECTOR_TEXTRENDER is a pointer to a VECTOR_TEXTRENDER enumeration. Where the function parameter type is pVECTOR_TEXTRENDER, you can declare a VECTOR_TEXTRENDER variable, update the enumerations fields, and pass the variable's address in the parameter. Declaring a pVECTOR_TEXTRENDER variable is necessary only if your program requires a pointer.

Setting the text rendering in the display options to VECTOR_TEXTRENDER_ASTEXT (default) means that the toolkit will draw the text objects as one unit. It can be useful when a text object with non-TT font is being used. VECTOR_TEXTRENDER_ASCURVES on the other hand forces the toolkit to break the text object into pieces and try to show it as a drawing.

IMPORTANT: Nothing guarantees that the toolkit will always apply this setting. Some situations should be handled in a way different from that specified by the user, so the toolkit handles them as needed, taking the user's settings into consideration.

This enumeration is used with the VECTOR_DISPLAY_OPTIONS structure.

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