Hyperlink Objects

A vector object may be hyperlinked to run a program, access a Web page, open a document or focus the view of the toolkit on a particular vector object within the scene. This is done by hyperlinking the vector object with one or more "targets". Each vector object that is hyperlinked maintains a target list. To open a document or run an application, the target should be set to the file name of the document to open or the program to run. To access a Web page, the target should be set to the URL to access. To focus the toolkit on a specific vector object, the target should be set to that vector object.

To add a new target to a vector object and make it a hyperlinked vector object, or to add an additional target to a vector object that already has one or more other hyperlink targets, call LVectorObject::AddHyperlink. Once a target has been added to a vector object's target list, the target can be changed by calling the LVectorObject::SetHyperlink function.

To retrieve information about a specific target, call the LVectorObject::GetHyperlink function. To determine how many targets the hyperlinked vector object is maintaining, the function LVectorObject::GetHyperlinkCount can be used. LVectorObject::GetHyperlinkCount will retrieve the number of items in the target list.

When the hyperlinked vector object is clicked, the LVectorObject::GotoHyperlink must be called with the chosen target in the target list. This activates the target.

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