Manipulating Objects or Vertices within a Vector Image

LEADTOOLS provides functions for working with individual objects within the vector image.

Calling these functions enumerates through all vertices/objects in a vector.

To use these, the programmer must

  1. Derive a class from LVectorBase.

  2. Override the corresponding virtual function:

    In the override, you can use the following member functions to test to see if a particular object is inside a rectangle or parallelogram, delete an object, select/deselect an object, test to see if an object is selected, get the object under a two-dimensional point, determine whether hidden objects exist in the vector handle, or get the object bounds.

  3. Before calling EnumObjects() or EnumVertices(),call the member function LBase::EnableCallBack(TRUE);

    When manipulating individual vertices, the following affect how the vertices of the image bind with each other:

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