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Assembly Package (Platforms) \Examples Comments
Leadtools.JAR -
LibLeadtools.SO (Android / Java)
\Android\ImageProcessingDemo Package and shared object library for working with the  LEADTOOLS Android SDK.
Leadtools.Annotations.Automation.JAR  -
AnnAutomation (Android)
\Android\AnnotationsDemo Package for implementing high-level automated annotations.
Leadtools.Annotations.Engine.JAR -
AnnObject (Android / Java)
\Android\AnnotationsDemo This package provides low-level annotation functionality.
Leadtools.Annotations.Designers.JAR -
AnnDesigner (Android)
\Android\AnnotationsDemo Package providing functionality for allowing end-users to interactively create and edit LEADTOOLS annotation objects.
Leadtools.Annotations.BatesStamp.JAR -
(Android / Java)
Library supporting Bates stamp annotations.
Leadtools.Annotations.Rendering.JAR -
AnnObjectRenderer (Android / Java)
\Android\AnnotationsDemo Package for all LEADTOOLS Annotation object renderers. This library, and other libraries from the Leadtools.Annotations.Rendering package, provide functionality for rendering LEADTOOLS annotation objects.
Leadtools.Barcode.JAR -
Leadtools.Barcode (Android / Java)
\Android\BarcodeDemo Package for implementing barcode recognition. Each special feature has its own .so file.
Leadtools.Caching (Java) Package for an external caching system to store the modified parts of the document.
Leadtools.Codecs.JAR (Android / Java) \Android\ImageProcessingDemo Package for loading/saving any supported image format and for obtaining information about images (width, height, bits per pixel, page count, etc.). Each supported file filter has its own .SO library (libleadtools.codecs.*.so). Image Compression is supported for the .bmp, .cmp. .fax, .gif. j2k, .jb2, .jbg, .jls, .jxr, .pcx, .png, .psd, and .tif formats.
Leadtools.Controls.JAR (Android) \Android\ViewerDemo Package for displaying images in an Android application including support for zooming, panning scrolling, etc.
Leadtools.Converters.JAR -
RasterImageConverter (Android)
Package for interoperations between LEADTOOLS and Android images.
Leadtools.Dicom (Android)
Package and shared object library for working with DICOM data sets (creating, initializing, loading and saving, etc.).
Leadtools.Document.JAR (Java) Package for creating, reading, and writing raster and SVG images; annotations, thumbnails, text data, metadata, and bookmarks in supported document types.
Leadtools.Document.Converter.JAR (Java) Package for creating powerful, automated document conversion, archival, and delivery systems.
Leadtools.Document.Writer.JAR (Java) Package for creating popular multipage and searchable documents such as Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word, and HTML from Scalable Vector Objects (SVG), standard Windows Enhanced Meta File (EMF), and raster image objects.
Leadtools.Forms.Recognition.Barcode.JAR (Java) Package for implementing/manipulating forms barcode recognition support.
Leadtools.Forms.Recognition.Ocr.JAR (Java) Package for implementing/manipulating forms Optical Character Recognition and processing support.
Leadtools.Forms.Commands.JAR (Java) Package providing programming tools for forms processing and recognition, including high-level business card, bank check, and MRTD reader classes.
Leadtools.Forms.Recognition.JAR (Java) Package for implementing/manipulating forms processing and recognition support.
Leadtools.Forms.Processing.JAR (Java) Package for implementing/manipulating forms processing support.
Leadtools.Forms.Common.JAR (Java) Package for implementing/manipulating forms barcode processing and recognition support.
Leadtools.Forms.Recognition.Search.JAR (Java) Package for implementing/manipulating forms recognition and processing support.
Leadtools.Forms.Processing.Omr.JAR (Java) Package providing everything needed to design, process, and analyze data retrieved from large sets of bubbles found on exams and surveys.
LibLeadtools.Forms.Ocr.SO -
Leadtools.Ocr (Android / Java)
\Android\OCRDemo Package and shared object library to recognize text and magnetic ink characters in images, and save recognition results to several output formats.
Leadtools.ImageProcessing.Color (Android / Java)
\Android\ImageProcessingDemo Package and shared object library for performing image transforms such as brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, intensity, etc.
Leadtools.ImageProcessing.Core (Android / Java)
\Android\ImageProcessingDemo Package and shared object library for performing image transforms such as multi-scale enhancement, window-leveling,  registration mark transformation, document clean-up, deskewing (including bank check deskewing), etc.
Leadtools.ImageProcessing.Effects (Android / Java)
\Android\ImageProcessingDemo Package and shared object library for performing image transforms such as smooth, sharpen, edge detect/enhance, noise, combining images, etc.
Leadtools.Pdf.JAR (Java) Package for reading, viewing, and saving PDF files with advanced capabilities such as extraction of text, hyperlinks, annotations, form field data, digital signatures, bookmarks, and metadata.
Leadtools.Sane.JAR (Java) <installdir>\Java\SaneDemo
Package that provides support for Scanner Access Now Easy (SANE) scanning functionality.
Leadtools.Sane.Server.JAR (Java) <installdir>\Java\SaneDemo
Package that supports Scanner Access Now Easy (SANE) scanning server functionality.
Leadtools.Svg.JAR (Android / Java) Package for adding vector load, edit, save, conversion, and display functionality to applications.
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