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The Leadtools.Codecs namespace contains classes with properties, methods, and events for loading, saving, and converting any type of image file, and for getting information about loaded bitmaps. Work with files in memory buffers or at offsets within disk files. Both high- and low-level functions are provided. In addition, it contains classes that support loading/saving non-image data such as tags, markers, comments, and extensions.

The RasterCodecs class is the main gateway to all file format features. Use it to load/save/convert images from disk or memory.

Key Features


LEADTOOLS toolkits ship with many demos that show how to use the various features of the classes in the Leadtools.Codecs namespace:

Supported Environments

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Loading and Saving Images

Loading and Saving Large TIFF / BigTIFF Files

Speeding Up 1-Bit Documents

Compression Quality Factors

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