LEADTOOLS Web Viewer Framework Module

The LEADTOOLS HTML5 Zero-footprint Medical Viewer is a powerful collection of JavaScript libraries and RESTful Web Services that provide a zero-footprint, platform-independent web application for displaying DICOM images from any PACS. This OEM-ready, fully-customizable website is perfect for any developer who needs fast, lightweight DICOM viewing without sacrificing any features that healthcare professionals need.

For more information see LEADTOOLS HTML5 Zero-footprint Medical Viewer.

The LEADTOOLS Medical Web Viewer Framework enables programmers to quickly build high-quality, full-featured and secure web-based medical image viewer applications. This OEM-ready ASP.NET web application uses web service streaming and powerful LEADTOOLS features including the Medical Workstation Viewer and 3D volume reconstruction for an unsurpassed web experience for healthcare professionals.

For more information, see LEADTOOLS Medical Web Viewer Framework SDK.

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