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The LBaseFile class is derived from LBase. This class is the base class for LEADTOOLS C++ Class Library input/output operations. It contains basic operations for file I/O. With this class, you can override the default functions that LEADTOOLS uses for opening, closing, reading from, writing to, and seeking in files. This class forms the base for the LFile and LMemoryFile classes.

Provides both low- and high-level functions that can be used to load/save/convert image files. These functions allow you to work with files in memory buffers or at offsets within disk files.
The LFile class is derived from LBaseFile and extends it to contain functions for loading and saving bitmaps from and to files on disk.

The LEADTOOLS C++ Class Library provides low level support for File Formats.

The LEADTOOLS C++ Class Library DLL module is Ltwvcu.dll (Win32), Ltwvcx.dll (x64). All classes are located in this DLL, but this DLL may require other DLLs. File Format support also requires one or more LEAD File Format Filter DLLs (for example, LF?.DLL). Each file filter DLL supports one or more file formats for import and export. Refer to Files to be Included With Your Application for more information.

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