Media Streaming Server: NET

The Media Streaming Server .NET is part of the LEADTOOLS Streaming Module, which adds onto the Multimedia SDK. For more information on the Multimedia Module, click here.

The following table describes the DLLs included in the Media Streaming Server API.

Redistributables Explanation Win32 Platforms x64 Platforms*** Requires LEAD Duplication and Distribution license
Leadtools.MediaStreaming.dll The LEADTOOLS Media Streaming .NET Support DLL. Leadtools.MediaStreaming.dll Leadtools.MediaStreaming.dll No
LTMS The LEADTOOLS Media Streaming Features Support DLL. LTMS21.DLL
DSKernel2* The LEAD Media Streaming Kernel DLL. Unlocks filters and modules provided in Evaluation mode. DSKERNEL2.DLL DSKERNEL2x.DLL No


Leadtools.MediaStreaming Namespaces Functions

Leadtools.MediaStreaming Getting Started

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