Additional Medical Imaging C++ Class Library

Class Header File \Examples\ClassLibrary Comments
LBitmapBase LTCBBASE.H \MSVC\MainDEMO The LBitmapBase class is the main bitmap class. This class contains the main functionality for dealing with bitmaps in memory. It includes functions for basic image transforms such as resizing, flipping, cropping, and rotating, and for changing a bitmap's color-depth. This class also includes functions for loading images from files and saving images to files. Use this class to create bitmaps from scratch and deal with individual rows or pixels of the image data.
LBitmap LTCBTMAP.H \MSVC\MainDEMO The LBitmap class is derived from LBitmapBase, and extends it by adding functionality for more advanced image processing. This functionality includes Halftone, Sharpen, Picturize, GammaCorrect, Deskew, Despeckle, WindowLevel, Color Separation and Color Merge, image filters (such as Average, Median, Mosaic), and color processing (such as Invert, Hue, Contrast, Intensity, and Saturation).

The LEADTOOLS C++ Class Library provides low level support for Additional Medical Imaging Features.

The LEADTOOLS C++ Class Library DLL module is Ltwvcu.dll (Win32), Ltwvcx.dll (x64). All classes are located in this DLL, but this DLL may require other DLLs. Refer to Files To Be Included With Your Application for more information.

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