Web Viewer Framework Module - .NET

The LEADTOOLS Web Viewer Framework consists of assemblies and example projects that implement a DICOM Web Viewer service. For a description of the assemblies and available example projects, refer to the information below.

An online demo is available to demonstrate the LEADTOOLS Web Viewer Framework capabilities.


Provides classes and methods for storing and retrieving cache items.


Provides an implementation for the DICOM Object Retrieve plug-in.


Provides implementation for the DICOM Query, DICOM Store, and DICOM Manage plug-ins. This is shipped with source code.


This is the DICOM WCF Service component.


Provides classes and methods to stream information from the DICOM WCF service and initialize the Medical Viewer control.

Leadtools.MedicalViewer.PermissionSet (LEADTOOLS.MedicalViewer.AssemblyPermissions)

Gives runtime permissions to run the Medical Web Viewer demo on the client machine.


Provides classes and methods to asynchronously stream information over the web and update the UI without the user need to manage the threads.

Leadtools.MedicalViewer.CS.WinForms (Leadtools.MedicalViewer.CS.WinForms.Series.SeriesViewer)

This class implements the Web Viewer control which is hosted in IE.

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