Web Viewer Framework Module - HTML5 / JavaScript

Assembly Class / Namespace \Examples\PACSFramework\MedicalWebViewer Comments
Leadtools.Controls.Medical.js - \CS\MedicalWebViewerDemo Contains JavaScript classes that support viewing and performing client-side window-leveling on DICOM images.
Leadtools.Medical.WebViewer.Core \Leadtools.Medical.WebViewer.Core Sample class library that defines data types and contracts used by the REST Service components.
Leadtools.Medical.WebViewer.PatientAccessRights.DataAccessAgent \Leadtools.Medical.WebViewer.PatientAccessRights.DataAccessAgent Sample class library that implements patient data access rights for clients.
Leadtools.Medical.WebViewer.Jobs.DataAccessLayer \Leadtools.Medical.WebViewer.Jobs.DataAccessLayer Sample class library that implements a data access layer for creating, updating, and managing the download jobs database.
Leadtools.Medical.WebViewer.Jobs \Leadtools.Medical.WebViewer.Jobs Sample class library for performing jobs with the REST Service components, including retrieve and move.
Leadtools.Medical.WebViewer.ImageDownloadAddin \Leadtools.Medical.WebViewer.ImageDownloadAddin LEADTOOLS DICOM Storage Server add-in that implements a move operation to the REST Service DICOM server.
Leadtools.Medical.WebViewer.JobsCleanupAddin \Leadtools.Medical.WebViewer.JobsCleanupAddin LEADTOOLS DICOM Storage Server add-in that implements a service to clean up the job information for the REST Service components.
Leadtools.Medical.WebViewer.Addins \Leadtools.Medical.WebViewer.Addins Sample REST Service add-ins that contain all the necessary functionality for the REST Service components.
Leadtools.Medical.WebViewer.WCF \Leadtools.Medical.WebViewer.WCF Sample REST Service host component. Provides web service methods for query, retrieve, authentication.
MedicalWebViewerDemo \CS\MedicalWebViewerDemo ASP.NET sample which implements a browser-based end-user application for query, retrieve, and DICOM image viewing with client-side window leveling.
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