Vector - C++ Class Library

Class Header File \Examples\ClassLibrary Comments
LVectorWindow LTCVWND.H \MSVC\VECTOR The LVectorWindow class extends the LVectorBase class to add full user interface (UI) functionality with a full-windowed control capable of displaying vector images. Use it to add Scrolling (which can be enabled or disabled), Palette handling, Zooming, Panning, Keyboard handling, UI tools (including pan image and select objects), and Windows Drag/Drop operations for loading files to applications.
LVectorDialog LTCVDLG.H \MSVC\VECTOR The LVectorDialog class provides reusable dialogs for the most common LEADTOOLS vector functions. Vector common dialog features include:
• A Thumbnail Preview option for the vector processing dialogs which allows end users to preview the proposed change to the image (before actually affecting the original image).
• A user interface control for the dialogs is provided through flags passed to each dialog function.
• An option to have the Vector Common Dialog process the image automatically.
LVectorFile LTCVFILE.H \MSVC\VECTOR The LVectorFile class extends the LBaseFile class for loading and saving vectors from and to files on disk.
LToolbar LTCTB.H \MSVC\VECTOR Derived from the LBase class, the LToolbar class is used with the LContainer class and the LAutomation class. Use the LToolbar class to create pre-defined and user-defined toolbars.
LAutomation LTCAUT.H \MSVC\VECTOR Derived from the LBase class, the LAutomation class is used with the LContainer class. Use the LAutomation class to coordinate low-level toolkit functions, LEAD Container functions, and LEAD Toolbar functions.
LContainer LTCCON.H \MSVC\VECTOR Provides high-level (automated mode) Vector Imaging functionality.

The LEADTOOLS C++ Class Library provides low level support for Vector Imaging.

The LEADTOOLS C++ Class Library DLL module is Ltwvcu.dll (Win32), Ltwvcx.dll (x64). All classes are located in this DLL, but this DLL may require other DLLs. Refer to the Files to be Included With Your Application for more information.

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