DICOM Annotation C++ Class Library

The LEADTOOLS DICOM C++ Class Library provides functions for working with Annotations that are stored in DICOM data sets as private data. This functionality also requires Ltannu.dll (Win32), Ltannx.dll (x64).

Class Header File \Examples\ClassLibrary Comments
LDicomDS LTDIC.H \MSVC\IMGCONVW This class provides the main functionality for dealing with data sets. It includes functions for creating, initializing, loading and saving data sets. In addition, there are functions that allow you to:
•Maneuver through a data set
•Search a data set
•Insert or delete data set members
•Retrieve or set data element values
•Get or set information about the entire data set
•Convert values.

The toolkit offers functions that enable you to convert between DICOM and LEADTOOLS annotations, including LDicomDS::ConvertLEADAnnObjToDicomAnnObjs and LDicomDS::ConvertDicomAnnObjToLEADAnnObj).
LAnnotation LTCANN.H \MSVC\DICOMANN The LAnnotation class is derived from the LBase class. This class contains base functionality for creating, and managing LEAD annotation objects. This class provides the main functionality for other derived annotation classes like creation, drawing, scaling, realizing, copying, and setting/getting properties that are common to all annotation objects.
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