Files and File Formats C API

DLL LIB Header \Examples\CDLL Comments
Ltfilu.dll (Win32), Ltfilx.dll (x64) Ltfil_u.lib (Win32), Ltfil_x.lib (x64) LTFILN.H \MainDEMO Provides both low and high-level functions that can be used to load, save, or convert image files. These functions allow you to work with files in memory buffers or at offsets within disk files.
LF?.DLL N/A N/A \INFO Each file filter DLL supports one or more file formats for import and export. Refer to Files to be Included With Your Application for more information about each file filter DLL.
Lttmbu.dll (Win32), Lttmbx.dll (x64) Lttmb_u.lib (Win32), Lttmb_x.lib (x64) LTTMB.H \MainDEMO Provides support for a thumbnail browser, to browse directories for supported image files, and then creates thumbnail images for each file.

The LEADTOOLS C API provides the lowest level of File Format support.

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