The LEADTOOLS C API provides the lowest level of Annotation functionality. The C API also provides Automated Mode Annotation functionality.

DLL LIB Header File \Examples\CDLL Comments
Ltfilu.dll (Win32), Ltfilx.dll (x64) Ltfil_u.lib (Win32), Ltfil_x.lib (x64) LTFIL.H \MainDEMO Provides both high level and low level support for loading/saving/converting images from/to DICOM files. Requires Ltdicu.dll (Win32), Ltdicx.dll (x64)
Lfcmpu.dll (Win32), Lfcmpx.dll (x64) LFCMP?.LIB LFCMP.H \COMPCB Provides JPEG compression support.
Lfj2ku.dll (Win32), Lfj2kx.dll (x64) LFJ2K?.LIB LFJ2K.H \J2K Provides JPEG 2000 support.
Ltannu.dll (Win32), Ltannx.dll (x64) Ltann_u.lib (Win32), Ltann_x.lib (x64) LTANN.H \ANNOTATE Provides annotation support.
Ltdicu.dll (Win32), Ltdicx.dll (x64) Ltdic_u.lib (Win32), Ltdic_x.lib (x64) LTDIC.H \DICOM The LEADTOOLS DICOM DLL provides functions for complete support of the DICOM 3.0 specification, including DICOM Basic Directory (DICOMDIR) and DICOM Waveforms.
LTCRY1?.DLL LTCRY?.LIB LTCRY.H Provides DICOM digital signature support.
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