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The Leadtools.Controls assembly includes two classes that can be added to the Visual Studio toolbox as Windows Forms controls: the RasterPictureBox control and the ImageViewer control. Use these controls to view and manipulate images.

It also contains other classes, such as RasterClipboard and ImageViewerPanControl.

RasterPictureBox Class

The RasterPictureBox class is a PictureBox control used to display images. Use the control to display graphics from a bitmap, metafile, icon; JPEG, GIF, or PNG file (or any other image file format supported by LEADTOOLS). The following figure shows the Animation Demo using a RasterPictureBox to display an animated GIF file:

The LEADTOOLS Raster Picture Box

Note that the RasterPictureBox control can automatically animate multipage formats.

RasterPictureBox Features

ImageViewer Class

The LEADTOOLS ImageViewer class is a control used to display one or more raster or SVG images with (optional) interactive UI operations. Use the class to create single-item applications like MS-Paint, or multiple-item applications like Adobe Acrobat. The following figure illustrates three of the layouts in which the ImageViewer can be used:

The LEADTOOLS Image Viewer
  1. The LEADTOOLS Main Demo, using an ImageViewer instance in the single layout mode to view the main image

  2. The LEADTOOLS Document Viewer, using an ImageViewer instance in the vertical layout mode to view image thumbnails

  3. The LEADTOOLS Document Viewer, using another ImageViewer instance in the double layout mode to view the main content

ImageViewer Features

The ImageViewer class provides the following features:

Supported Environments

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