Leadtools.Forms.Recognition.Ocr Introduction


The Leadtools.Forms.Recognition.Ocr assembly implements the OcrObjectsManager class which provides support for recognizing and extracting text features from a form's images.

Key Features

LEADTOOLS Recognition Features

The LEADTOOLS Recognition Module is a high-level .NET SDK that harnesses the power of LEAD's image processing technology to intelligently identify document components and features that can be used to recognize and classify scanned documents. The Forms Recognition module can be used to define areas for automatic optical character recognition and processing in any part of a form.

Used in conjunction with LEADTOOLS Document SDK's clean-up functionality, which dramatically improves recognition results, the Forms Recognition toolkit can be used to process a list of images, return unique XML data that describes them, and then store and use that data set as a standard for recognizing future digital images.

Supported Environments

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Assembly Overview

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Version History

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