Virtual Printer Driver C API

The LEADTOOLS Virtual Printer supports network printing, offering complete support for the Microsoft Internet Printing Protocol (IPP).

Output can be captured from any application, including Word, Excel, and web browsers. It can then be redirected to email, disk, memory, database, or SharePoint. The captured output can be saved to any of the many searchable and editable document formats (including PDF, DOC, XPS, and text) - or any of the 150+ image formats (including TIFF, JPEG, and PNG) supported by LEADTOOLS.

The LEADTOOLS installation program installs a sample LEADTOOLS Virtual Printer for you. When printing to this printer from any Windows application, the example program will execute and you can then save the print job as a document file or a raster image file.

DLL LIB Header File \Examples\CDLL Comments
ltPrinteru.dll (Win32), ltPrinterx.dll (x64) ltPrinter_u.lib (Win32), ltPrinter_x.lib (x64) LTPRINTER.H \Printer
Provides Virtual Printer support

The LEADTOOLS C API provides the lowest level of Virtual Printer Driver functionality.

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