Medical Multimedia Filter Module

The Medical Multimedia Filter Module is a suite of state-of-the-art DirectShow filters for compressing and decompressing video and audio data inside DICOM files. This feature-rich product was designed to eliminate the complexity from converting cine images and video streams to DICOM objects including X-ray Angiography (XA), Ultrasound (US), Visible Light (VL), Secondary Capture (SC) and much more. This Filter Module utilizes the most advanced compression algorithms used in the industry and approved by the DICOM standard including MPEG-2, Motion JPEG, and JPEG2000.

The Medical Multimedia Filter Module includes two main components: the Writer and the Reader.

The Writer (Encodes Video Sequences in DICOM)

The writer component includes the DirectShow filters used for creating DICOM objects with compressed video and audio data.

Key Features

MPEG2 Encoding in DICOM

Video Processing Filters

DirectShow Filters Included as Part of the Writer Component

Examples of DICOM Objects That can be Created Using the Writer Component

The Reader (Plays DICOM Videos in any Media Player)

The reader component includes a set of DirectShow filters that register into the Windows collection of multimedia drivers and integrates with any application using DirectShow. Existing video software, such as Windows Media Player and Ulead Media Studio, can use these filters to play video (cine) data in a DICOM file.

Key Features

DICOM Cine Playback - DICOM Cine Loop

A cine loop is the continuous display of a set of images or frames that convey the effect of motion and is considered a very useful diagnostic tool. With the help of the reader, the user can treat DICOM cine as a regular video file and perform the following actions:

DirectShow Filters Included as Part of the Reader Component

Support Includes

DICOM DirectShow Filters

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