Leadtools.Converters Introduction


The Leadtools.Converters assembly provides for interoperation between a LEADTOOLS image (Leadtools.RasterImage) and various other types of images from different environments.

Key Features

The RasterImageConverter class contains the functionality needed to convert a LEADTOOLS RasterImage. This class makes it possible to perform the following conversions:

To convert back and forth between LEADTOOLS (Leadtools.RasterImage) and WPF (System.Windows.Media.ImageSource) objects, use the Leadtools.Windows.Media.RasterImageConverter class.

LEADTOOLS toolkits ship with many demos that show how to use the toolkit in different environments.

Supported Environments

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Assembly Overview

Getting Started (Guide to Example Programs)

Summary of All Supported Image File Formats


Version History

Leadtools.Converters Assembly Changes

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Leadtools.Converters Assembly