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Render Method (AnnD2DThumbStyle)

Renders this thumb at the specified center location.


The object renderer being invoked. Must not be null.

The mapper object to use for converting coordinates. Must not be null.

The center location of the thumb in container coordinates.

The fixed state of the owner object.


This method is called by the  renderer from the IAnnObjectRenderer.RenderThumbs and IAnnObjectRenderer.RenderRotatePointThumbs methods. The framework will call these methods to render the selected and rotation thumbs of an object.

This AnnD2DThumbStyle performs the following during this method:

  1. Converts the center  location and size into physical coordinates using mapper.PointFromContainerCoordinates and mapper.SizeFromContainerCoordinates respectively. It then creates a rectangle for the converted  location and size with the origin at the  location.
  2. Calls the AddPath method, passing the rectangle calculated in the above step, to allow the implementation class to draw the actual thumb shape.
  3. Finally, it uses Fill and Stroke to fill and draw the path onto the destination context (stored in renderer.RenderingEngine.

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