Value Representation Constants

The following constants are used to indicate the Value Representation.

Value Meaning
VR_AE [0x4145U] Application Entity
VR_AS [0x4153U] Age String
VR_AT [0x4154U] Attribute Tag
VR_CS [0x4353U] Code String
VR_DA [0x4441U] Date
VR_DS [0x4453U] Decimal String
VR_DT [0x4454U] Date Time
VR_FD [0x4644U] Floating Point Double
VR_FL [0x464CU] Floating Point Single
VR_IS [0x4953U] Integer String
VR_LO [0x4C4FU] Long String
VR_LT [0x4C54U] Long Text
VR_OB [0x4F42U] Other Byte String
VR_OL [0x4F4CU] Other Long
VR_OD [0x4F44U] Other Double String
VR_OF [0x4F46U] Other Float String
VR_OW [0x4F57U] Other Word String
VR_PN [0x504EU] Person Name
VR_SH [0x5348U] Short String
VR_SL [0x534CU] Signed Long
VR_SQ [0x5351U] Sequence of Items
VR_SS [0x5353U] Signed Short
VR_ST [0x5354U] Short Text
VR_TM [0x544DU] Time
VR_UC [0x5543U] Unlimited Characters
VR_UI [0x5549U] Unique Identifier
VR_UL [0x554CU] Unsigned Long
VR_UN [0x554EU] Unknown
VR_UR [0x5552U] Universal Resource Identifier or Universal Resource Locator(URI/URL)
VR_US [0x5553U] Unsigned Short
VR_UT [0x5554U] Unlimited Text
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