#include "ltdic.h"

L_PCTSTR LDicomPrintSCU::GetAnnotationBoxInstanceUID(uIndex) const

Returns the SOP Instance UID of the specified Basic Annotation Box SOP Instance.


L_UINT32 uIndex

The index of the Annotation Box whose SOP Instance UID is to be retrieved. This should be a number from 0 to the count of Annotation Boxes minus 1. The function LDicomPrintSCU::GetAnnotationBoxesCount returns the count of Annotation Boxes.


The SOP Instance UID of the specified Annotation Box. If an invalid index is passed, the function will return NULL.


When the Print SCP is requested to create a Film Box, and if an Annotation Display Format ID is specified, the Print SCP will also create one or more Annotation Boxes, based on the Annotation Display Format ID. This will happen only if the Basic Annotation Box SOP Class is supported on the Association. This function returns the SOP Instance UID of a particular Annotation Box.

Required DLLs and Libraries


Win32, x64

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