typedef struct _DICOMVR 
   GENERICLINK; /* reserved */ 
   L_UINT16 nCode; /* code */ 
   L_TCHAR *pszName; /* name of the representation */ 
   L_UINT32 nLength; /* length */ 
   L_UINT16 nRestrict; /* restriction on the length */ 
   L_UINT16 nUnitSize; /* size of the smallest item */ 

The DICOMVR structure contains information about supported value representations.





Code that indicates the type of value stored in the data element. For a list of default values supported by DICOM, refer to Value Representation Constants.


Character string that contains the name of the Value Representation. For the default values for the Value Representation Names, refer to the Default Value Representation Table.


The length of the value to be stored in the data element.


Restrictions on the length. Possible values are given below. Values may be combined using the OR (|) operator.

Value Meaning
VR_FIXED [0x00] DICOMVR.nLength is a fixed number of bytes.
VR_MAXIMUM [0x01] DICOMVR.nLength is the maximum number of bytes allowed.
VR_MAXIMUM_GROUP [0x02] DICOMVR.nLength is the maximum number of bytes allowed per component group
VR_ANY [0x03] Any length is valid.
VR_NOT_APPLICABLE [0x04] DICOMVR.nLength is not applicable
VR_BINARY [0x0100] Binary value.
VR_STRING [0x0200] String value (The character '\' is used as the delimiter between values for multiple data elements).
VR_TEXT [0x0400] Text value. (Data elements with this VR cannot be multi-valued).


The size of the smallest item that can be stored in the data element.


Internally LEADTOOLS maintains a table or list of available value representations. These value representations can include default value representations available in DICOM, as well as user defined value representations. You can access any of this information, add to the table, or delete items from the table using the LDicomVR class member functions. For the default values, refer to the Value Representation Table.

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