#include "ltdic.h"

L_UINT32 LDicomNet::GetSecureMode()

Returns the security mode that was used when initializing the network connection. This function is available in the PACS Imaging Toolkit.


The DICOM security mode used on the connection.  The value returned will be one of

Value Meaning
DICOM_SECURE_NONE [0xABCD0000] No security mode.
DICOM_SECURE_ISCL [0xABCD0001] Integrated Secure Communication Layer security mode.
DICOM_SECURE_TLS [0xABCD0002] Transport Layer Security mode.


To initialize the LEADTOOLS DICOM DLL, call LDicomNet::StartUp.

The LEADTOOLS DICOM DLL must be initialized before using any of the Network operation functions.

The security mode of a LDicomNet object is initially defined by using one of the LDicomNet constructors, or the LDicomNet::Initialize function.

Required DLLs and Libraries


Win32, x64

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